ODALISLEATHER commits to selecting only suppliers who respect certain rules: 

-     Respect for the environment 

-     Traceability, especially regarding the origin of the animals and their treatment for all leathers and cowhides 

-     Respect for human rights and workers’ conditions 




ODALIS is committed to operating exclusively for the service of its customers 

No prior agreements will be made with any supplier 

ODALIS is committed to dealing with suppliers with the best prices and other conditions for its customers 

In particular, ODALIS is committed to negotiating the best prices even if its compensation is established in a percentage on the amount of the transaction 

ODALIS has made the choice to increase its compensation and its turnover not on the basis of the failure to reduce the prices negotiated for its customers, but by doing its best to expand its number of customers on the basis of a trusting and esteemed relationship, thus to increase the number and volume of group purchases